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When you are unable to do anything

There are so many things to do tomorrow, all the deadlines are creeping up on me. There are so many things I wish I had done earlier -- in 2012, 2013…..2020. The days keep going at the same pace but my mind is stuck-- always in a fight to do better, to do more. I should clean my room, exercise more often, study harder. I really need to take a shower. I’ll do everything, I promise. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I slept past my alarm, dad is already disappointed in me. I check my phone and stay on it for 10 minutes, an hour, till noon before I can do anything else. The urgency of all my unfinished tasks keeps creeping up on me. I’m so lazy. I know I’m a failure, my mind tells me so every day. It’s who I am -- my personality trait. I have always been like this. I finally eat my food, brush my teeth, try to listen to the buzz of the online classes in the background. Now, I’m tired, I just want to lay down. 
Mum’s screaming my name, I slept through the day, it’s evening now. There are so many things …

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